Title The 8th Asia-Pacific GAW workshop on Greenhouse Gases

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KMA held the "8th Asia-Pacific GAW workshop on Greenhouse Gases" on Oct. 17~18, 2016 in Seoul.
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0.1 Brad Hall: What can we learn from global measurements of SF6?
0.2 Oksana Tarasova : Updates from WMO/GAW and new GAW implementation plan

1.1 Chulkyu Lee : 30 years of GAW activities in Korea
1.2 Mirella Glor : The GAW traning and Education centre (GAWTEC) and German GAW activities and monitoring
1.3 Shuichi Hosokawa : The evaluation of JMA셲 standard gas scale for measurements of atmospheric methane
1.4 Jeongsoon Lee : Accuracy Validation of a Spectroscopic Gas Analyzer using Gravimetric Standard Gas Mixtures: Impact of Background Gas Composition on CO2 Measurement by Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

2.1 Sang-Ok Han : Atmosphere watch results for year 2015 in Korea
2.2 Lynwill martin : Continuos trace gas monitoring at Cape Point Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) station in South Africa: Last trends and findings
2.3 Chang-Feng Ou-Yang : Recent progress on greenhouse gas measurements at Mt. Lulin and Dongsha Island, Taiwan
2.4 Yosfi Andri : Greenhouse gas monitoring in Bukit Kototabang
2.5 Maznorizan Mohamd : The ozone monitoring activities and its trend analysis in Malaysia during El Nino/ La Nina phenomena
2.6 Indira Gunaseelan : An Investigation on carbon dioxide (CO2) levels over Madurai, India

3.1 Sunyoung Park : Toward resolving the mysterious budget discrepancy of ozone-depleting CCl4: Top-down emissions in China
3.2 Gordon Brailsford : Observations and modeling combine to inform network developments
3.3 Yogesh Tiwari : Monitoring of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other GHG셲 in India: Implications for constraining Indian emissions
3.4 Hyun Mee Kim : Estimation of surface CO2 fulx by assimilating GOSAT XCO2 retrievals in Carbon Tracker
3.5 Tong Thi Van Anh : Greenhouse gases inventory in Viet Nam