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title icon Training & Education course (GAPTEC)
title icon To assist in provision of training and long-term technical help for the WMO/GAW stations, every year the WCC-SF6 holds training and education course, called the GAW Asia-Pacific Training and Education Course (GAPTEC).
title icon In particular, there are gaps in the greenhouse gas measurement networks in the Asia-Pacific regions, where practical techniques to monitor the greenhouse gases are required.
title icon This training and education course is working on the transfer of practical and applicable techniques of greenhouse gas measurements as targeting on in situ stations in those region.
title icon Woring and Travelling standards
   - Current issues on greenhouse gases under the GAW Programme
   - Theory and analytical practice of greenhouse measurement using Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy
   - Theory and analytical practice of Gas Chromatography with Electron Capture Detector
   - Data Processing for determination of background atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations
title icon So far...
   - 2014: The 1st Training and Education Course
   - 2015: The 2nd Training and Education Course
   - 2016: The 3rd Training and Education Course