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Global Climate Change affects our society, our economy and our natural resources. Increasing weather variability, including heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall events and winter storms, affect our infrastructure, energy and even our health. No nation, however large or small, wealthy or poor, can escape the impact of climate change. It셲 our most urgent and biggest problem to resolve cooperatively.
The Global Atmosphere Watch(GAW) programme of WMO is a partnership involving 80 countries, which provides reliable scientific data and information on the chemical composition of the atmosphere, its natural and anthropogenic change.
Korea Meteorological Administration has participated the GAW programme since 1992 and registered for the Regional GAW station in 1998(ID: 47132). Korea-GAW center which is situated at the western tip of Korea has measured various factors (6 parts and 34 factors) including GHGs. The observations and study results help to understand and control the increasing influence of human activity on the global atmosphere Also, they are valuable asset for decision of climate policy and forecast of climate change.